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McGinley Support Services

McGinley Support Services, a DHL service partner, now offers a flexible and fully compliant vehicle service.

McGinley Support Services Limited (MSS), the well established employment business that provides human resource solutions to various markets across the UK will be acting as a service partner for DHL.

Having recently secured a number of new contacts to support DHL depots, we will be providing a pickup and delivery service for DHL by managing several routes, over a number of post codes whilst taking daily responsibility for our workers performances. This in effect is a Managed Service at a unit rate, as opposed to the traditional method of hourly rates. It is forecast that these new contracts will generate sales of circa 2m per annum.

As a DHL service partner, our vehicles are fully compliant to industry regulations and built to client specifications. This allows us to offer clients the valued support they require in industries that are driven by and highly measured on safety and compliance.

As a service partner we will be highly motivated and will ensure standards are maintained, because lost customers to DHL means lost revenue to the Service Partner.

This is a further complimentary development for MSS and enables us to deliver a seamless workforce and enhances our support service offering for sourcing both vehicles and labour requirements.

Dermot McGinley, McGinley Support Services Chairman comments: We are thrilled to be given this opportunity and we understand that the role of service partner is a very important part of the DHL operation. Our workers are on the front line dealing with DHLs customers and are often the only face from DHL that they will know. It is the therefore our responsibility to ensure that the customers our workers deal with are delighted with the service that DHL offers them and that the DHL brand is held in the highest regard.


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