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Guide launched as employers turn online
International recruiters Badenoch & Clark today launched a guide to help job hunters manage their online reputation. Dubbed netreps, the online presence of professionals has become increasingly important as employers turn to online sources when recruiting. Its been estimated that as many as 60% of employers look potential employees up on Google before meeting them.
The guide is in response to a mushrooming social media environment, with Twitter being the latest mass-used tool. Whilst often used purely for social purposes, these tools can supply potential employers with a vast amount of information that could remain unfound through more traditional recruitment processes.
With the issue gaining momentum, the Badenoch & Clark guide provides a practical introduction for candidates that want to better manage the impression they give online. The guide explores how to deal with negative netreps, how to strike the right tone in your online activity, how to use networks to your professional advantage and how to limit the information a potential employer might see.
Neil Wilson, managing director at Badenoch & Clark, comments: Even compared to just five years ago, the UKs professionals are far more involved with online communities today. Despite often being used purely for social purposes, that activity can easily be accessed by potential employers something thats happening with greater regularity and has become almost par for the course for some. For any individual, its now vital that they look at their netrep through fresh eyes and think what an employer may make of the information thats out there.
Its not just people that are looking for new jobs that need to be aware of this. Current employers also have access to this information, and once online it can be very difficult to erase all trace of it. That means that an embarrassing photo that goes up today could reflect on you when you go after that dream role five years down the line.
At the very least, being aware of your netrep and acting accordingly will pay dividends. Our guide goes into detail on how you can limit the damage of a bad netrep and start building a more positive picture, but the starting point is recognising the extent of your online profile and acknowledging the impact it can have on your career.


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