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Noras 2009 reveal what job seekers want

NORAS 2009, the largest ever online recruitment survey, has revealed that online job seekers are interested in seeing more than just job adverts when they visit job boards.

The results show that only 32% of online job seekers visit job boards just to look for jobs. In comparison, 34% are also using these sites to make themselves more findable by registering their CV. The findings form part of NORAS 2009, the UKs largest online recruitment research project, which surveyed more than 50,000 candidates across 31 online job boards.

Interestingly, a significant proportion of online job seekers are now using recruitment sites as a source of information, not just to aid their search for a new job, but also as a means of keeping up to date with developments within their industry. Almost one in five online job seekers visit job boards to obtain general career advice and 15% are now using them to make salary comparisons. In addition, 14% of online job seekers also visit these sites to acquire information and general news about their industry sector.


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