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Public sector interim management placements accounted for over half (51%) of all completed assignments in Q2. Up from 43% in Q1, surpassing for the first time the private sector since tracking began in 2006, according to figures taken from the Interim Management Associations (IMA) Ipsos MORI report.

The latest findings show Local Government (30%), healthcare (25%) and non departmental Government bodies (10%) specifically as key areas of the public sector pushing demand up for interim managers.

Interestingly, since 2006, the proportion of public sector interim assignments has moved from 30% to the current level of 51%, showing huge growth in the sector as IMA Chairman, Paul Botting explains.

This is the first time that we have seen public sector demand outweigh that of the private sector, even if it is only marginally. Today, public sector organisations face more pressure than ever to deliver a wide range of services. That means delivering even higher levels of quality and service.and putting resources to the front-line, which is no mean feat in the depths of a recession and this is where independent specialist interim managers come in.

Holding strong within the private sector, banking and finance once again pipped the top spot with a quarter (25%) of assignments, followed by IT and telecommunications with 12%, and pharmaceuticals with 10%.

With the recession still impacting heavily on the entire UK economy, business programme and project management remains the most requested reason for assignment with a third (33%) of overall demand, with gap management (28%) and business improvement (21%) following.

What is clear from this latest data is that public sector and private sector companies are not giving up without a fight. Instead, business leaders are looking for financially viable expertise to safeguard organisations. We are a proactive nation and this research further demonstrates our tenacity.


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