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The Work Foundation calls on government

The Work Foundation calls on government to do more to help young people during the recession
The Work Foundation welcomes the Future Jobs Fund announced today by the government, but stresses that more needs to be done to help improve opportunities for 16-24 year olds.   
Commenting on the scheme, Ian Brinkley, Associate Director at The Work Foundation, said:
This is a good start. One of the biggest priorities is to stop young people from falling into long term unemployment. The creation of jobs across the public sector is a much better way of tackling the problem than the low quality make-work schemes of the past.
Long term unemployment is a bad experience for everyone, but it has particularly adverse effects on the long run employment chances of the young. If we do not make the investment now, we will end up paying the economic and social cost of another lost generation for decades to come.
The scheme should be matched by further expansion in the capacity of higher and further education so as many young people as possible can take advantage of opportunities to gain further qualifications. This is a good investment for both the short and the long term. In the short term it gives young people something productive to do rather than risk long periods of unemployment.
And in the long run it will provide the next generation of much needed well-qualified and educated people for Britains knowledge based economy. Expanding and developing skills amongst young people will be at the forefront of our economic recovery.


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