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ARC calls upon government to run a pilot scheme

ARC calls upon government to run a pilot scheme on Agency Workers DirectiveThe Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) is today (9 September) calling on the government to run a pilot scheme, before imposing full implementation of the Agency Workers Directive.
Adrian Marlowe chair of ARC said, The ideas set out in the consultation document are extremely complex, with the potential for massive disruption and real chaos in the temporary and contract recruitment industry. Faced with that prospect it makes sense to trial the scheme first. There is also a very real the danger that the costings set out in the impact assessment significantly under represent the true costs to hirers, agencies and workers alike and this is a recipe for disaster.
ARC is warning that the government proposes to gold plate the Directive, at an additional annual cost to hirers and the industry of at least 1.2bn. In its submission to the Government ARC has also proposed that the government limit the implementation of the Directive. It suggests it should apply only to hirers that have binding pay rates and working conditions in force, as set out in the EU Directive.
Adrian Marlowe went on to say: The only way to assess the true cost and impact of the governments proposals is to try them out in a limited fashion. This can easily be done, for example using a local authority or some government departments that use agency workers, over an 18 month period. The resulting data could be compared with the speculative data set out in the impact assessment, so that a truer position is achieved in time for necessary adjustments to be made to the proposals.


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