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Blue Collar recruitment specialist reports a record

 Blue Collar recruitment specialist reports a record for orders of temporary workers in past few weeks
Encore Personnel Services have just announced their largest volume of temporary workers booked in one week. 1500 workers were booked to work for the Midlands based recruitment firm in the first week of September. The largest number since the company began and a direct indication of the shape of the economic outlook. The bookings for workers, based in general manufacturing, logistics and light engineering roles, have increased across all of the Companys branch locations.
I worked in recruitment during the last recession in the early 90s and this is an exact copy of what happened then said Company MD, Greg Latham. As industry recovers through increased orders and replenishing of stock levels there is still a degree of reticence to employ permanent staff, at least for a while. In the meantime Companies cope with increased demand for their product or services through booking temporary workers. If this trend reflects the model of the early 90s this will mean significant increases to the volume of temporary worker bookings and demonstrates how the performance of recruitment agencies can act as a barometer for industry as a whole.
We believe this period of high demand will continue but unfortunately there are huge negative pressures to average margins so we are having to work harder to achieve similar results. We are attempting to do this through added value features of service like our recently introduced workers skills academy that pre-inducts all prospective temps prior to arrival at a client.
One sector of recruitment that we dont see improving is the permanent sector which we believe will remain stagnant for at least another 12 months if the last recession is to  be relied upon as a forecasting tool


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