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Economic Downturn Equals Career Upturn

Economic Downturn Equals Career Upturn as One in Five GB Workers Consider Career Change
Rise in New Businesses Predicted As We Emerge from Recession - According to Keep The UK Working Research
20% of GB workers have changed or are considering career change -
68% of polled GB workers recently made redundant are considering career change -
21% of GB workers are looking for jobs that are more creative and fulfilling -
22% of respondents in the North likely to make career move compared to 18% in London -
15% of GB workers have started or are considering starting their own business as a direct result of the recession -
London, 27 August 2009 According to Keep The UK Working research, which carried out a YouGov poll on 2,505 GB adults (1,626 workers), the British workforce is likely to emerge out of the ashes of the current recession happier with their jobs than they were before. We are also likely to see a wave of new businesses set up as we come out the other side of the recession. Keep The UK Working research found that 20% of GB workers have either changed careers or are considering a career change as a result of the recession. Among respondents who have recently been made redundant this figure rises to a massive 68%. Tough times are also unleashing an entrepreneurial spirit with 15% of GB workers considering starting their own business as a direct result of the recession.
As expected in these difficult times, the top two reasons for changing careers are better pay (33%) or improved job security (28%) however, 21% of respondents are looking for opportunities that are more fulfilling or creative, suggesting that job satisfaction is increasingly motivating career choices.
While respondents based in London are less likely to make a career move (18%), those polled in the North (22%) are more adventurous, with the Welsh being the most likely to go out on a limb and try something new (26%). Unsurprisingly, the age group most likely to change careers are those between 18 to 24 years (31%) but even workers at a later stage are having a career re-think.*
Among those looking to start their own business, Londoners proved to be the most entrepreneurial with 19% of those surveyed considering starting their own business as a direct result of the recession, closely followed by the Midlands (18%) and Scots the least (11%). 
In many ways, career choices are some of the most defining decisions people make. In the face of economic uncertainty you might expect to see people stay entrenched in their current jobs and ride out the storm, but our research suggests that contrary to this the UK population who are currently working are in fact more open to career change than you would expect in the current climate, said Julian Acquari, Managing Director of Monster UK and Ireland.


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