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Combating the effects of the recession, revolutionary website, is to re-launch on Thursday October 1, by offering employers the most competitive possible recruitment solution A FREE SEARCH ENGINE. 
Founded by Managing Director Gary Burnett, the site specialises in filling temporary and part-time posts only, across industries including hospitality and service sectors.
Gary says: The success of lies in the fact that its now free to anyone who wishes to use it.  Many companies are cutting their marketing and advertising budgets, making them less likely to spend a great deal in finding the right candidate for a job.  For this reason, theyre missing a golden opportunity to get the applicant they really want - a cycle that is now there to break by allowing employers or recruitment agencies to advertise part-time vacancies free on this website. 
As unemployment figures steadily rise, more people are seizing the opportunity to try something completely different. is a necessary solution, as it caters to those looking for something thats short term, until they find their feet.  It also allows part-time workers to perhaps explore the prospect of getting back to further education to train for a new career.
Anyone looking to get back into work, cut down their hours, top up their pension or earn extra cash should definitely pay us a visit.  Im sure theyll never look back.
Within the next six months, is expected to attract in excess of 10,000 registered active job hunters.  Unique in its design, the site promises instantaneous results.  To get registered, job hunters follow the easy to use guidelines on the home page, and upload all their key details.  From there employers browse the appropriate candidates matching their search criteria.  On finding a potential candidate, the employer simply registers an interest, and sends them an SMS alert and email to begin the interview process.
Gary adds: My advice to anyone who is looking for a new job is to be honest.  Present yourself well on any online application, by highlighting any job experience or skills they may have.  And if possible, supplement a good application with a quality photograph of themselves.
Similarly, I would advise employers to be honest about a position during the recruitment process.  Treat staff how you would expect to be treated with a role reversal approach.
So it seems, when faced with one of the most challenging recessions in recent years, the key to successful recruitment solutions lies in having the foresight to provide a bespoke offering, which meets the individual requirements of employer and employee at no cost.
While the new site will be re-launched and is primarily targeting central Scotland, has plans to catapult its offering UK wide.


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