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Fresh Shambles For Brown

Fresh Shambles For Brown
Immigration officials are investigating reports that an illegal worker was employed by the attorney general.
Baroness Scotland says she employed Loloahi Tapui in good faith and thought she was working in the UK legally.
The UK Border Agency said it would investigate in the same way it would "any allegation of illegal working".
Gordon Brown said people should wait for the outcome of the probe, but Baroness Scotland wished to apologise for "any inadvertent mistake".
Under laws passed when Baroness Scotland was a Home Office minister, even employers who unknowingly take on illegal workers face a 10,000 fine.
Asked about the case, the prime minister said Baroness Scotland had contacted the authorities herself to ask them to conduct a "thorough" investigation.
She did this to assure herself and the country that she had taken "the necessary steps" when hiring Ms Tapui, Mr Brown said.
People should wait until the investigation was concluded to "pass judgement" on the case, he added.


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