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Its a career thing launches worlds first Virtual Assessment Centre!

Its a career thing launches worlds first Virtual Assessment Centre!
Its a career thing launches the first Virtual Assessment Centre enabling managers, recruiters and trainers to carry out live assessments, competency based interviews and interactive surveys via telephone and webcam!
The Virtual Assessment Centre from allows companies to manage their entire interviewing and assessment process live online.  By utilising the Virtual Assessment Centre companies will be able to shave 80% of time, money and CO2 emissions from the typical selection and assessment process. 
A company can set up their own private virtual assessment space on its a career thing, build as many live assessments or interviews they need through the live assessment wizard and manage or store the results in their space.  The assessments have a unique evaluation system that means the assessors or interviewers dont need to be highly trained or experienced to evaluate individuals objectively.
Fi Haywood, Head of Product Development explains There is a real need in the market for companies to evaluate the competency of both their current employees and prospective new hires.  This is primarily driven by the urgent need to reduce hiring errors, a desire to cut operational costs and the need to increase the productivity of everyone across the organisation. 
She adds The traditional online assessment is ideal for psychometric or preference based testing and we do offer this facility.  When it comes to assessing an individuals competence however, it is best to use human intervention.   Whist traditionally this has meant face to face contact, there are so many rich technologies available now that allows this to take place virtually, saving time, money, space and carbon emissions.  The reality is that the severity of the economy and the urgency to cut wastage is driving companies to embrace these new technologies perhaps a lot sooner than they otherwise would have done.
Employers can set up their Virtual Assessment Centre in minutes by simply purchasing an inexpensive annual membership. 
The team behind Its a career thing include Mike Johnson who is Chairman of Future Work Forum, Fi Haywood who has a background in developing trailblazing assessment products and Keith Andrews who was a senior manager in the banking all have decades of experience in recruitment, assessment and talent management.
Mike notes The team have worked very hard throughout the development of Its a career thing over the past 18 months.  They are ecstatic at the reaction the platform has had from the UK market throughout the Beta testing stage of the project.  The Virtual Assessment Centre especially does seem to be exactly what the market needs right now.


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