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John Berry Further Recruiters Stung In Serial Litigation Cases

John Berry Further Recruiters Stung In Serial Litigation Cases

Company A
We agreed to settle with Mr Berry because, although he had not actually applied to a role through us, and had never sent his cv to us, his increasingly aggressive and threatening tone, coupled with the size of our business and the cost to us of attending and providing legal attendance at a tribunal, led us to believe that on balance it would be better for us to give in and settle.

I now discover that Mr Berry is in fact a serial claimant. He lodges complaints with many companies, and threatens to take them to tribunal if they dont settle.

He made 250 out of us, he asked for 1500. I know of at least 15 other companies he has tribunal dates lodged with.

It would appear to me, with my very scant legal knowledge, that this is not the reason that discrimination laws were brought in. For one individual to profit greatly having suffered no loss whatsoever does not really seem to be fair and just.

If Mr Berry is making a living from these claims, and, in essence, laughing in the face of the law, is there no way to curb him?

As a recruitment consultant, I am only ever able to find one candidate one job, or at least they can only take one job offered to them, at any one time. It would seem then that to take this analogy further, Mr Berry would only ever have suffered the loss of one job, and if he has accepted compensation of 250 through Company A, why is he then pursuing further claims for loss?

It should also be noted that Mr Berrys tone during his dealings with us was very threatening and menacing. His message was very clear from the start - either we paid up or he was going to report us.

Should this be allowed to happen? Are you even aware that this IS happening?

Company B
Basically he took us to a tribunal over the word Graduate.
I wanted to fight him but instead we settled for peace of mind at 200.

Another Case?

Company C
Another man to avoid is Pierre Cagnon. We do Graduate recruitment and this chap tried to sue us for using the word Graduate in an ad. We knew he had no case as the role specifically required previous sales experience, he had none and was rejected because of that, not his age. As most of our clients also advertise directly I sent round a blanket email to warn them about this man and to my surprise, 5-6 clients came back saying that he was going after them as well and one was on the verge of paying him several thousand pounds! I suggested we all use my lawyer and fight him together. As soon as he found out we were on to him, he soon went away.

If you have similar experiences please let me know


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