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More Recruiters Face Serial Litigator John Berry

More Recruiters Face Serial Litigator John Berry
Agency One
John Berry recently launched a dual action against us and another recruitment company (agency two). We both resisted his claims for cash settlement and we both opted for a joint Tribunal Hearing with Judge Lamb at Stratford Tribunals in London. Mr Berry did not attend and Judge Lamb issued orders against Mr Berry asking for full disclosure of his CV, a detailed account of perceived losses and stipulated his attendance at an October Hearing. Within a week Mr Berry withdrew his case against both of us citing that he would not get a fair hearing!
In the course of preparing our case we have evidence of 36 other cases he is perusing in an attempt to extract monies. Despite our plea to the Judge that he be declared a vexatious litigant and that he be banned from taking these multiple cases which have no foundation, Regional Judge Lamb indicated that he was powerless to stop him, and even the Lord Chancellor's office would struggle to implement a ban against him.
The man is menace and companies should resist his compensation demands. He will back down if challenged.   
Agency Two
We're the other agency who were involved, our case started in February this year and like the others who appear to have settled out of court he asked for 1500, not directly but via ACAS to whom the case was referred to initially.  We said we wouldn't give him 15p let alone 1500 and so it went on.  I can understand agencies settling out of court as there has been a lot of time and effort spent on our part preparing our case against the lovely Mr Berry, as times are hard we'd have preferred to have spent it more profitibaly.  
Please urge your readers to fight, (unless of course they have made a blatant discrimination error!).


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