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Recruiters comment on potential changes to the education workforce

Recruiters comment on potential changes to the education workforce under future public funding rounds
Following comments from Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families, John Dunn, Chair of the RECs Education Sector group said: "There is a certain amount of economic logic in what he said however, these ideas present two key challenges.  Firstly, the creation of federations under one leadership flies in the face of the choice agenda.  Ed Balls recommendation will have the effect of creating local education monopolies with one management team running all the local schools.  UK-wide federations and academy groups offer the better option, with schools from competing federations offering more pupil and parental choice in each locality."
He continued "Secondly, as recruitment professionals we do not see headteachers who have the skills base run federations.  A single secondary school is a big enough operation, but multi-school federations will be, in effect, substantial businesses.  If the Government intends to move in this direction then the skills base of a headteacher will also need to be reassessed.  A business manager with the skills and experience to handle finance, substantial purchasing decisions, HR and recruitment maybe better placed for this role.  This would also have the added benefit of freeing teaching staff in schools of business-related distractions, leaving them to get on with the job they joined the profession to do teach."


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