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The Metropolitan Support Trust appoints de Poel Consultancy

The Metropolitan Support Trust appoints de Poel Consultancy to save 10% a year on labour spend

The UKs primary purchaser of temporary agency labour, de Poel Consultancy, is delighted to announce another new client within social housing projecting savings of 10% a year on labour procurement for the Metropolitan Support Trust (MST).

de Poel, renowned for cutting costs on temporary agency labour, identified these significant savings for the MST as part of its unique solution to manage supply of agency staff.

As with other de Poel clients, the trust is benefitting from standardised rates and a managed panel of agency suppliers providing significantly reduced charge rates and improving the quality of staff employed.

Also proving invaluable is use of de Poels unique timesheet and invoice processing system e-tips, in both eliminating heavy administration costs and doing away with paper invoices.

Managing Director of MST, Mark Austin, said: de Poel are good people to work with, who deliver what they say theyre going to.

They have enabled our use of agency staff to be more clearly recorded, and their e-tips system is user friendly with our staff picking it up well.

The simplicity of the invoicing process is greatly appreciated by our finance team.

But above all the chance to make significant savings with no detriment to the quality of service is hugely welcome. Controlling our agency costs to this degree really strengthens our financial position.

Part of the Metropolitan Housing Partnership, MST is a specialist care and support organisation, with over 700 staff committed to helping over 5,000 vulnerable individuals to live independent lives.
They work with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependencies, as well as older people, refugees and asylum seekers, the latter through their Refugee Support brand.
In partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations, MST work to develop individually-tailored action plans to support individuals in achieving their potential.

Matthew Sanders, Chief Executive Officer for de Poel, commented: MST is one of our biggest savers, and its great to see such an important organisation benefitting from our services.

They are a fantastic company to work with, as they clearly recognise the importance of what we do. We hope to work with their other regions in the future.


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