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Copy & paste recruiters threatening industrys reputation

Copy & paste recruiters threatening  industrys reputation, warns NES
Technical and engineering recruitment firm, NES is warning fellow recruiters about the threat of online content theft, having identified several copy & paste companies failing to comply with copyright laws when creating their own web pages and helping themselves to information that is not rightfully theirs.
The company - which is currently taking action to resolve a number of copyright cases, discovered using plagiarism checker, Copyscape is advising reputable recruitment organisations to make frequent checks using similar sites to protect their on and offline reputation.
Companies of all sizes are capable of online theft as well as at risk of it, says Matt Cody, marketing director at NES. Researching, writing and promoting current and relevant content that web visitors and customers will value is a big resource investment and is therefore not something that companies can afford to have stolen, he continues.
 Agencies across the world, from Singapore to the Midlands, have unlawfully duplicated the content from our career management library, devaluing the original copy particularly in terms of search engines that penalise duplicate web content and it isnt something we, or any other reputable agency, should be prepared to accept, Matthew adds.
The advice from NES is to use an online checker such as Copyscape, which offers a free and premium service, to find out whether content is being used elsewhere without being sufficiently re-written, correctly referenced or attributed to you.


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