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PCS Executive, the UKs largest career management and outplacement consultancy, has found that of more than 1,700 people questioned almost 40 per cent expected to stay within their current position for more than 5 years.
The results, collected from an online poll, suggest that despite the continued downturn those within employment are confident about their future and that of the business they work in. 
With UK unemployment rates reaching a staggering 2,435,000 from April to June 20091, PCS Executive Regional Director, Simon Hudson, comments that this confidence may be misplaced. 
 These results can be interpreted in two ways. It is positive to see that people have the confidence in the businesses they work for however we have to be mindful that there are still a number of industries that are feeling the knock on effect of the recession.
He added: As an outplacement specialist we meet with people on a regular basis who have been through very difficult times, having been made redundant after a number of years. We want to reassure people that there is somewhere to go should you find yourself in this predicament.
The poll also found that more than 500 people questioned expect to be in their position for more than 3 years and only 332 people reported that they would only expect to be in their current position for a year, amounting to less than 19.6 per cent of those questioned. 
Assisting people who are looking to change career direction or who need career advice and management, PCS Executive engages with the market place and encourages its clients to think about their longer term ambitions.
With the ultimate goal to deliver greater clarity in relation to career direction PCS Executive can often encourage better overall choices for both the employee and employer of a business.


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