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Recruitment firm calls for extension of GLA power

Recruitment firm calls for extension of GLA power.Goldteam, the specialist recruiter has welcomed the news of recent crackdowns on illegal operatives working as herb pickers in Norfolk - and the ongoing investigation into suspected unlicensed gangmaster activity - but has called for an extension of legislation into other industries

Goldteam, which operates in the food production, hospitality and healthcare sectors, is licensed by the Gangmaster Licensing Authority because food production is a regulated area. Unfortunately even just using the word gangmaster has a negative connotation these days, says Naveed Ahmed - Managing Director. Those recruiters who choose to operate ethically and in full compliance with the law often get tarred with the same brush as ruthless criminals who set out to exploit vulnerable and often illegal workers.

However, Mr. Ahmed feels that the current legislation needs to go further. Vulnerable workers and unscrupulous operators are not confined to the food manufacturing sector. We would argue that industries such as hospitality and construction should also be regulated - particularly with the 2012 Olympics coming up. The recent crackdown is obviously good news - but there is a danger that rogue traders will just move into to other unregulated areas - thats bad for vulnerable workers, bad for recruitment and bad for Britain!


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