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Vintage Contract For Omega Resource Group

Vintage Contract For Omega Resource Group

Omega Resource Group has sealed a groundbreaking deal to supply temporary staff for the UKs leading wine distributor in a 3-year contract worth around 5.1m.

Laithwaites Wine, the UK arm of leading global wine supplier Direct Wines, has hired the Gloucestershire-based recruitment specialists to supply temporary workers to its national distribution centre in Brockworth.

The deal was clinched with the development of an innovative approach whereby Omega are driving efficiency, reducing Laithwaites costs and providing a range of incentives to ensure that the workers supplied will maintain high standards of productivity and efficiency throughout their contract especially during the busy Christmas period when the wine distributor requires over 250 staff.

Andrew Hawker, general manager of Laithwaites Wine, said: The problem that you can face with recruitment agencies is that its usually all about getting heads through the door. In truth, its not in their best interest to drive efficiencies.

In this contract, Omega has made a guarantee that the workers will be productive, efficient, suitable for the job and, most importantly, will not jump ship when the rush is on, explained Hawker.

Within the contract, Omega has committed to driving efficiency in the workforce supplied to Laithwaites with the intention of improving upon the wine distributors targets for employee productivity, attrition, attendance and training.

As well as ensuring that those supplied are suited to the role and have the necessary experience and ability, Omega are providing the workforce with free insurance and life cover. In addition to this offering, Omega are providing a complete benefits package which incorporates a range of lifestyle benefits and discounts which includes dining, fitness, leisure, electrical appliances and home furnishings.

To further promote stability within the workforce, Omega has introduced a bonus scheme where the workforce will share in the companys rewards on an annual basis as added incentive to hit Laithwaites targets.

Raymond Pugh, MD of Omega Workforce, said: The philosophy with many agencies is to re-recruit replacement workers if the supplied workforce does not hit its targets, rather than addressing the inefficiencies of their recruitment processes. We are going above and beyond to make sure that our recruitment processes are exemplary and our promise to hit targets is backed up with tangible guarantees, while making Laithwaites Wine the employer of choice in the county.

By establishing this innovative scheme we are creating an honest, reciprocal partnership instead of employing a fire and forget strategy to the workforce that we supply, we ensure that the workforce we send are suited to the role and will fulfil the goals that are set for them.

This business model, new to this area of the recruitment industry, will provide an innovative and robust strategy for Omegas further growth in the supply of volume labour solutions, explained Pugh.

The jobs filled by temporary workers at Laithwaites distribution headquarters in Brockworth range from truck and forklift driving to shelf stacking and data entry, requiring a wide base of skills within the companys workforce.

The jobs that need to be filled require a certain amount of special training and it takes some time for workers to acclimatise themselves to the equipment and processes that we use, many of which are quite high-tech, said Andrew Hawker. During the Christmas period we do not have the time to wait for an intake of new temporary staff to learn the ropes.

Working with Omega Resource Group means that we can improve our productivity and cut costs without having to cut down on staff.


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