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Awards all round at Fairbridge

Awards all round at Fairbridge
Fairbridge is a unique charity which works with young people from deprived areas to develop the self-confidence and skills they need to re-enter training, education or employment, says Neil Tregarthen, CEO at NES. It is for this reason that I suggested organising and sponsoring the charitys first awards night recognising the efforts, dedication and selflessness of outstanding Fairbridge team members.
The Greater Manchester centres of national young peoples charity, Fairbridge, have recently completed the first stage of a three-part regional support plan initiated by recruitment firm, NES. The internal event incorporated awards one for the Salford and Bury centres - which were presented for a range of categories such as  going the extra mile best out of the box thinker best outreach & development worker turning a frown upside down etc. Votes from staff and young people involved with the charity determined the winners, which were announced at an awards dinner at Manchesters Museum of Science & Industry.
Neil Tregarthen, NES chief executive and personal Fairbridge supporter, summarises the charitys value succinctly: If the cost of giving a young person hope for the future is 3,500 and the cost of sending that person to prison when their criminal activity eventually leads to a custodial sentence amounts to 100,000 a year, then, to me, theres no question about where we should spend the money.
Its easy for us to dismiss the issues that these young people face as nothing to do with us but if we end up paying for them to serve a prison sentence, than they most certainly are to do with us, Neil continues, and I feel a moral obligation to help ensure that, if an individual walks into that centre asking for help with turning their life around, the funding is there to ensure that theyll get all the support they need.
These awards took place as a result of our recommendation that the staff at Fairbridge were recognised in some way theyd never have invested their own funds, which are rightly, only ever spent on the young people they support. While I can appreciate this selfless, generous attitude, we were keen to point out that what the Fairbridge staff see as part of their everyday working life, to the outside world, their work is exceptional, Neil concludes.
The second phase of NESs three-stage plan involves offering young people the chance to travel to some of the more challenging NES office locations such as Angola, Nigeria or China, where theyll be shown the real-world difficulties faced by those living in other challenging areas of the world, thus allowing them to contextualise their own challenges at home.
The final stage will hopefully see a notable cash contribution to Fairbridges Greater Manchester cause, via NES staff volunteering a percentage of their equity return, on the eventual exit of majority shareholders, Graphite Capital from the business.


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