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de Poels new insurance scheme

de Poels new insurance scheme proves huge success among recruitment agencies in todays litigious marketplace
A NEW insurance scheme launched by the number-one procurer of temporary agency labour de Poel in September, has been a massive success within the recruitment industry.
In a culture of red tape and risk, AgencySure Insurance was devised by de Poel to help their partner agencies overcome legal, financial and administrative challenges.
AgencySureTM covers recruitment specialists for Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, Office Insurance, Professional Indemnity and Drivers Negligence all under one policy.
This cuts costs for agencies, giving them more cover for less expense, and also eliminates the inconvenience associated with taking out different insurance policies with different brokers.
Paul Farmer, Commercial Director at de Poel, involved in the launch of AgencySure said: The recruitment marketplace is more litigious than ever as more contractual responsibilities are being placed on businesses.
Many large firms now insist that recruitment agencies have up-to-date insurance policies to protect them against risks to the business or claims made against the agency, including work related injuries, sickness or death, through to fraudulent acts that could result in a financial loss to the company.
He added: We felt compelled to assist agencies in finding a relevant, cost-effective insurance policy which could deliver these client demands.
Our specialist knowledge of the recruitment industry means we can help agencies anticipate current and future risks to their business and always ensure that their specific requirements are met through AgencySure TM.
Alongside the more obvious benefits, the policy has also been recognised for offering interest-free direct debit - where agencies normally pay between 6 and 8% - and a rolling policy with no renewal date - allowing them to avoid the renewal process.
The original policy documents can also be issued within 3 days, unlike other insurances schemes where it can take up to a month or longer.
Coordinated by one point of contact at Bollington Commercial Insurance, AgencySure takes the onus off de Poel agencies to prove that they are covered, and removes the need for them to continually submit schedules.
Dreamteam Personnell, one of the most recent purchasers of AgencySure, said: AgencySure has been extremely useful in helping us keep on top of our insurances and providing us with all the relevant cover we will ever need as a recruitment agency.
Its also saved us a lot of money and hassle, as we no longer have to worry about direct debit charges, renewal dates or digging out our documents for new clients.


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