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Hays Implements Corporate Docmail

Hays Implements Corporate Docmail

Hays, the worlds leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people, has appointed CFH Total Document Management to implement Corporate Docmail, the integral document management and hybrid mail system, into its head office and network of 212 branch offices. The appointment is based on a three year contract (plus two year option), and with upwards of 9 million envelopes being mailed by Hays each year, is worth over 12million.

Hays is looking to strengthen its operational efficiency and expand its sustainable business practices with the implementation of Corporate Docmail. The system will generate substantial cost savings for the global leader in specialist recruitment, which last year placed 50,000 people in permanent jobs, and around 270,000 into temporary assignments.

The bespoke system which we have produced for Hays enables every member of staff throughout the UK to use Corporate Docmail, explains CFH managing director Dave Broadway. In essence, all postal communication being generated from Hays head office and their branch network up and down the country will be printed and mailed by Docmail.

Corporate Docmail allows Hays staff needing to generate and disseminate printed communication whether client correspondence, administration, or a direct marketing campaign to create their mail on-line at a secure web portal. After an internal quality and budgetary approval procedure, the correspondence is centrally printed at Docmails secure site, inserted into envelopes, and posted via CFH Total Document Managements down stream access facility.

The introduction of the new system will generate considerable savings for Hays stationery will no longer be required at network offices thus reducing paper usage, and bulk discounts on postage over 9 million envelopes per year will be mailed will be achieved.

Martin Bird, Procurement Director for Hays, comments, The integration of this new system supports our commitment to following environmentally friendly processes by significantly reducing wastage. It also brings a number of other benefits for us it allows our staff to concentrate on their core duties and at the same time results in huge efficiencies in areas such as paper usage and postage costs, whilst maintaining the quality. We estimate that we will save around ten million pounds over the next five years by using Docmail.

Broadway continues, Staff at Hays remain in total control of the workflow, with instant access to real time management information. They can see the material that is being generated across the branch network, as well as having instant access to archived documents. Progress of documents can be tracked, in the knowledge that documents are only printed to paper at the point of need, and staff are not having to waste valuable time printing, enclosing and mailing documents.


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