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New era for business

New era for business presents new opportunities for recruiters
The key theme of this weeks CBI Annual Conference is the lasting impact that the shock of the recession has brought in terms of the overall attitudes, values and structures of UK businesses.
As well as reviewing commercial models and supply chains, other implications identified by the CBI include increased demand for workforce flexibility and a strong focus on business ethics.
Setting the scene for the event, Richard Lambert, the CBIs Director-General said:
We may be at the start of a new era for businesses, in which attitudes to finance and to corporate leadership are changed for a generation by the shock of the past two years. In a more collaborative, less transactional world, closer relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders look like becoming the new norm.
Commenting on this prediction and its implications for recruiters, Kevin Green, the RECs Chief Executive says:
Changes to the overall business environment will have a direct impact on the recruitment industry which is why we need to continue driving our own forward-looking research agenda as well as nurturing our relationship with key employer organisations. Demand for more workforce flexibility could present real opportunities for recruiters and the contribution of highly skilled flexible workers such as interim managers, free lancers and technology contractors is already being recognised. Elsewhere, the renewed focus on business ethics ties in with our key messages on industry standards and the importance of using agencies that sign up to Industry Codes of Practice.


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