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A new report, published by Executives Online, the fast track headhunting company shows that while the global recession has impacted the interim management market, some elements are demonstrating surprising buoyancy.  While interim executives engaged in full time assignments have significantly reduced over the past three years from 56% engaged in full time projects in 2006 to just 27% this year, those engaged in part time projects has almost doubled from 13% to 20%.  The proportion engaged in multiple part time projects has in fact remained stable with little change reported suggesting that for candidates willing to get involved in multiple projects there is still the opportunity to remain gainfully employed and well rewarded, even in the worst recession since the 1930s.  Furthermore, candidates taking part in the study also stated that their billing rates had remained unchanged year on year despite considerable variance of pay rates across the various functional areas.
Results of the online study conducted in September 2009 are drawn from a sample of over 1264 senior executives and experienced interim managers based in the UK. Following on from similar studies in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007 the most recent survey was designed to provide an update on how the interim management market is evolving and how it is coping with the pressures of recession.  The new report looks at the age and gender profile of interim managers project engagement and billing profile pay scale differentials and regionality as well as client drivers.  Finally the report examines the role of interim management in the private equity arena.
The study shows that the interim market remains the preserve of the experienced males aged 50. Despite the fact that the numbers of women acting as interims is definitely on the increase they remain outnumbered by nearly 5:1.  The sector is also attracting less experienced executives with a marked increase evident since the 2007 survey which is a reflection of the effects of recession and a desire to remain economically independent.  However in general more experienced interim managers are more in demand than their less experienced counterparts. 
Anne Beitel, Managing Director at Executives Online explains: Interim management is an attractive proposition, for both the practitioners and the clients who engage them.  It has undoubtedly been impacted by the global downturn but this report shows how many seasoned executives are choosing to make this career switch.  Our report clearly shows that interim management provides companies what they are looking for right now - rapidly deployable expertise to reinforce existing teams.  Interim offers the fastest route to improve efficiency and performance while reducing exposure to long term employment contracts at a senior level.
The survey behind Interim Management Trend Update: Research and Analysis on the UK Market for Interim Management and Other Fast-Track Executive Resourcing reached out to over 80,000 executives globally.  Executives Online operates in multiple international locations, with offices in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, South Africa and Australia.  Country and regional versions of Interim Management Trend Update are available upon request at


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