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Class of 2010 have modest salary expectations

Class of 2010 have modest salary expectations in credit crunch Britain
The largest proportion from the survey on showed almost one in two, expect a salary of between 20k and 24k which is actually below the median average with AGR employers of 25k (Summer Review 2009).
One in four actually have very modest expectations and only one in twenty expect to earn 35k or more, which would probably restrict their choices to investment banks and law firms!
Salaries are but one part of the package that graduates look at and it seems clear that in the current climate, despite rising levels of student debt, there is a real sense of realism about earnings suggesting that Class of 2010 is more concerned about finding a career foothold when they graduate.
Commenting on the findings, Dan Hawes, co-founder of GRB, said, These findings are good news for employers as there is little indication that they are in the mood to raise starting salaries in 2010. One in two, according to the AGR survey, predict no change, only 2% expect a rise above cost of living and 3.5% expect starting salaries to fall.


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