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HCL Forecasts Rising Demand

HCL Forecasts Rising Demand on Social Care Reform
HCL plc, the UKs largest health and social care staffing company, today welcomed the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force for reforming social care in the UK and said it anticipates rising demand for its locum and permanent placement social workers as local government seeks to implement the reforms.
The Government appointed Task Force calls for a reliable supply of confident, high quality, adaptable professionals into the workforce who are better trained, command higher salaries and have a more structured, nationally recognised career progression. HCL, which incorporates the market leading social care businesses Bluecare, SWP, RS Locums and HCL Social Care International, said that this meant that Local Government Authorities would have to focus more closely on allocating funds for its frontline workers. This will mean relying more on staffing companies to attract the most experienced professionals, manage a more flexible workforce and attract talented young professionals from English speaking countries overseas.
Kate Bleasdale, Executive Vice Chairman of HCL, said:
We have been warning for years that the vacancies crisis in the social care workforce currently at 14% across the UK  - requires immediate attention. Were pleased to see that the Government is now taking action. However, these reforms wont be successfully implemented simply by seeking to attract more school leavers into the social work degree.
HCL has long been at the forefront of driving innovative solutions to the vacancies crisis, such as sourcing highly talented professionals from Australia and Canada. These social workers share a common language, culture and many of the same socio-economic issues as the UK, and they are also more highly trained than our social workers are currently. Meanwhile domestically were focussing on attracting experienced professionals back into the workforce by offering attractive salaries, flexible working hours and strong career progression opportunities.
We anticipate that our businesses will be in ever increasing demand as Local Government Authorities seek to replicate these reforms and improve outcomes for services users.


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