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Miliband's carbon solution

Miliband's carbon solution is to export employment during recession
Labour has spent that past 12 years steadily dismantling the manufacturing base of the UK and shipping it to developing countries, and now when the sector is most needed to help the economy grow, the government is seeking to speed up the process through supporting spurious carbon reduction initiatives in a 'Carbon Credits for Jobs' scheme, New Party leader Richard Vass said today.
The Climategate fiasco has illustrated the endemic problem of political and financial vested interests meddling in science, he says, and now with dignitaries and academics gathering from all countries in Copenhagen, we see the scale of their betrayal of UK industry in the closure of Corus' steel plant in Redcar.
Richard Vass says: "The decision to close the plant has nothing to do with over-production as is claimed and everything to do with carbon reduction allowances under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
"The effect for Redcar's steelworkers is that they will be put out of work as their jobs are exported to India as Tata increases production there. They will then have to pay higher fuel bills in the UK as their energy supplier passes on the cost of buying credits from the firm that made the steelworkers redundant. It is a shocking way to run a country."


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