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Prime Time Recruitment realises cost-savings

Prime Time Recruitment realises cost-savings using TimeAttend staff attendance monitoring systems.
Telemetry Systems, suppliers of TimeAttend, the UKs leading staff attendance monitoring systems today announced that it has supplied Prime Time Recruitment with its ScanLogik attendance system helping to accurately monitor the attendance of 4,000 staff at any one time across 45 locations.  ScanLogik consists of a wall-mounted unit, using mobile wireless technology. Personnel clock in and out in seconds using ScanLogik key fobs. 
ScanLogik is currently the only system of its kind available in the UK.  A key feature of the system is that the wall unit doesnt require any cabling or support infrastructure which means it can be installed or moved to another location quickly and easily without the need for technical expertise.
Prime Time Recruitment is one of the largest and most successful privately held recruitment companies in the UK providing 12,000 personnel per week across a wide range of sectors including food and warehouse distributions, social care and offices.
Shirley Williams, financial director of Prime Time Recruitment said, We are delighted with TimeAttend ScanLogik.  Since it is web-based we are able to provide instant access and visibility of time and attendance information to our clients. Data is instantly fed into our existing payroll and accountancy system.  
Deploying the wall units as close as possible to where staff work has reaped substantial savings in payroll, where even five minutes can be significant.  An additional and important benefit is that ScanLogik helps comply with Lone Worker health and safety legislation instantly flagging up if someone doesnt clock off when they are supposed to. 
A key factor in selecting Time Attend ScanLogik was that we knew fully what the level of our investment was going to be at the outset. Other time attendance products we looked at often had complex pricing models that can prove very expensive.


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