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SPA welcomes Government pledge

SPA welcomes Government pledge to address travel expenses compliance issues
The Service Providers Association which represents companies who provide employment, payroll, tax, accountancy, administrative support and advice to the professional freelance workforce welcomes Governments pledge to further investigate issues relating to expenses relief for workers earning the National Minimum Wage (NMW), announced in the Pre-Budget Report.
Reacting to the latest announcement, an SPA spokesperson comments: We strongly welcome any move on the Governments part to improve compliance. What is also important is that Government appears to have listened to previous calls to take a targeted approach in this respect. If the problem is with vulnerable workers being exploited then it is those people who should be the focus of any necessary protections not those better paid, highly skilled people who choose to opt out of a traditional employment relationship because of the benefits they receive in return. To create a blanket strategy for compliance - as the Government has proposed in the past - threatens to undermine one of the UKs most vibrant and dynamic economic assets (the flexible workforce.)
As ever with these things, the devil is in the detail and I know SPA will be very interested in what the forthcoming consultation has to say.
SPA have recently launched their industry-leading code of conduct, which outlines the strict standards and legal guidelines that apply to the service providers sector and is designed to encourage best practice across the industry. The code is significantly, welcomed by HMRC.


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