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3D Focus For Major Players

3D Focus For Major Players

Major Players, the UK's leading creative marketing recruiter, is building a database of talent for the 3D jobs market as the sector looks set to heat up. As recent cinema blockbusters leave an experienced talent pool in London, Major Players expects to see the third dimension jumping out of the big screen and into brand marketing in 2010.

"3D cinema may be taking the film world by storm," comments Neil Clements, on the Digital/Creative team at Major Players, "but it remains to be seen whether this improved visual experience will grab the attention of the rest of the world. However, the increased interest and new technology is expected to set things in motion for 3D advertising, so we are registering talent in this sector."

Using lenticular LCD screens, brands could offer a 3D experience to viewers within a certain radius of an LCD advertising screen. We will doubtless see these installed in bus shelters, on tube escalators, and perhaps even in larger spaces such as Piccadilly Circus. Products and brand marketing will literally jump out at passers by.

The transition from a niche area to one which we see in our everyday lives will take time as advertising agencies adopt 3D technology to execute client campaigns. There are certainly experienced individuals available - those that have developed 3D for the big screen studios (Avatar, Up, and so on) - but recruitment currently relies upon word of mouth or online research.

Lisa Blythman-Wood at GT is familiar with the difficulties in finding talent. As an interactive ideas agency that likes to push technological boundaries, GT has often found it difficult to locate talent in early adopters. "Lenticular 3D advertising is on its way, and finding specialists will be the first challenge," says Blythman-Wood. "You will always find pioneers through research in forums and elsewhere online, but until a groundswell of activity occurs in a particular genre, good quality candidates are hard to find."

With this in mind, Major Players is already developing a database of expertise to offer clients talented individuals with specialist experience as the 3D advertising sector develops.

Neil Clements speculates, "As with many roles in the digital industry, 3D advertising roles could become as commonplace as web designers in no time. Although it may be a nascent industry, we know our clients that work in this space will expand quickly once demand increases from brands, so we're inviting all levels of candidates to get in touch and let us know what skills they have to offer."


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