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Job Seekers Expect Job Market to Bounce Back

Job Seekers Expect Job Market to Bounce Back by Late 2010
A new survey of more than 1000 job seekers has revealed optimism for an improving job market in the latter stages of 2010.
In the new CV Trumpet ( survey, almost half of the 1,226 job seekers responding believed that the employment market will have fully recovered by the end of 2010 - with only 5% believing it will take until 2013 or longer before the job market had recovered from the knock on effect of the recession.
More detailed analysis confirmed that whilst 72% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that securing new work last year was more difficult than in 2008 only 36% agreed or strongly agreed that it would be more difficult to find new work next year (2010) compared to this (2009).
The survey represents the opinions of both unemployed and people in work seeking new roles.
Robert Odhams for CV Trumpet said,
"Our research has revealed a distinct level of optimism regarding the job market next year. There is a 36% increase in the number of people believing that finding work won't become any more difficult next year compared with last. This ties in with the result that job seekers predict that the job market will have recovered within two years.
"It's difficult to predict what this might mean for the economy. Job seekers are drawing conclusions based on knowledge of their sector and feedback from employers as they apply for work. However, it would be nice to think that optimism in the job market will be mirrored by a positive outlook for the economy as a whole."


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