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Major jump in the percentage of women interim executives

Major jump in the percentage of women interim executives
36% of interim executives are now women
Less politics and opportunities to break pay barrier increasingly appeal to women
Women now account for 36% of all interim managers placed, an increase of over a quarter from 28% over the same time a year ago (Q3) says Interim Partners, a leading provider of interim management solutions.
In comparison only 12.2% of FTSE 100 board directors are women.
Interim executives are highly experienced individuals, typically senior executives just below board-level, who are recruited on a short-term basis.
According to Interim Partners, women are increasingly attracted to interim management roles as they offer the chance to break through the glass ceiling on their pay.
Gail Fitzgerald, of Interim Partners, comments: Interim executives can earn significantly more than an equivalent full time employee.  An interim career allows women an opportunity to take the kind of step change in their earnings that they could otherwise only make by breaking through the glass ceiling.
According to recent research the average female board director earns 50% less (178,246) than the average male board director (357,358) (based on total remuneration and benefits for FTSE-350 directors source: RTF).
Doug Baird, Managing Director of Interim Partners says that women are increasingly interested in a career as an interims executive as success is less dependent on office politics in what are typically male-dominated levels of the corporate ladder.
Comments Doug Baird: Interims are judged more closely on the success of the specific project they have been recruited to manage. Not only does that make a refreshing change from other corporate roles, it also means women interims can get recognition for the value that they deliver rather than their interest in rugby!


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