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REC flags up key policy campaigns for 2010

REC flags up key policy campaigns for 2010

2010 will be a pivotal year in terms of influencing the political debate and preparing for new regulations on the industry. In addition to sectoral campaigns in areas such as healthcare, technology, construction, interim management and financial services, the REC has identified a number of key lobbying priorities for the industry in 2010.

Looking ahead at the regulatory outlook for 2010, REC Director of External Relations Tom Hadley says: "We face an action-packed regulatory agenda in 2010 with a full hand of red hot issues. As well as fighting our corner and pushing back to Government, we will use developments in areas such as safe recruitment and equality to highlight the positive contribution of the industry. The REC will continue to fight for the best possible regulatory landscape and it will be more important than ever to maintain a strong collective voice for the industry over the coming year".

The REC External Relations team will ensure that members are ahead of the game in terms of regulatory developments and will provide opportunities for active involvement in key lobbying campaigns. The regular input from agencies will also form the basis of the RECs manifesto ahead of the General Election.

Commenting on some of the main political debates that are of direct relevance for recruiters, REC Head of Public Policy Anne Fairweather says:
"The REC Manifesto ahead of the General Election will take forward industry messages on issues such as employment and skills, business tax and red tape, public sector employment, the benefits of a flexible labour market and the overall regulatory environment. The political debates on these and other issues over the coming months will provide a further opportunity for positioning the industry as a key commentator on a broad range of employment and economic issues".

Key policy campaigns for the industry over the coming year include:
1. Fighting our corner on procurement policy
Key messages include the need to balance cost with quality of provision, the cost-effectiveness of flexible staffing solutions and the added value of using agencies

2. AWD Working with clients and preparing for implementation
The next stage of the RECs campaign will involve working with Government on guidance for agencies, continuing to build links with the Conservative business team and creating an AWD tool-kit for members.

3. Influencing labour market policy on a national and EU level
The industry is now seen as a key voice on jobs and skills. The launch of the RECs Youth Employment Taskforce will further enhance this.

4. Pensions reform limiting the administrative impact on the agency market
From 2012 all workers will be automatically enrolled in a pension scheme. REC is working with DWP and pensions providers to limit the administrative implications for agencies.

5. Tax issues for recruiters
REC will continue to work with HMRC and the Treasury on issues such as how travel dispensation schemes interact with National Minimum Wage rules, VAT in the Healthcare market, IR 35 and the operation of the Construction Industry Scheme.

6. Safe and ethical recruitment - promoting the positive role of the industry
The aim is to use the equality and safe recruitment agenda to promote the added value of using agencies that are ahead of the game in these areas.
7. Exploring new market opportunities for members

REC will continue to work with Government to explore new opportunities for recruiters for example, the provision of additional support for job-seekers. The REC is on the board of Eurociett and will highlight business opportunities for members in other EU markets.


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