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Adecco connects its UK branches with Magic Softwares uniPaaS

Adecco connects its UK branches with Magic Softwares uniPaaS

Magic Softwares uniPaaS application platform underpins back-office recruitment system, provides fast deployment and a cloud-ready platform

Magic Software Enterprises (UK) Ltd., a subsidiary of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a provider of application platforms and business and process integration solutions, has announced that Adecco, a market leader in human resource solutions, has developed MAX, a back-office system for its 200 UK branches, using Magic Softwares uniPaaS application platform.

Magic Softwares uniPaaS is an application platform that simplifies the process of building and deploying business applications. The MAX back-office system facilitates and optimises the matching of candidates with enterprises, enables multi-agency registration of candidates, global access to human resources and rapid response to customer requirements.

The MAX system replaced Adeccos disparate local databases. It also simplifies procedures, eliminates the need for any manual intervention by data processing specialists and facilitates remote management of each recruitment agency by a central data processing team.

According to Andrew Chapman, IT Manager, Adecco UK: It is obvious that centralised management from a single base is easier and more efficient than the previous situation - in which this same type of operation was done on over 200 separate remote servers.
Through the new system, batch processing times have also been reduced to a fifth enhancing the handling of business opportunities, as well as speeding up customer response times.

The development process was speeded up using the uniPaaS application platform that uses pre-compiled business logic, or metadata rather than hard code. "As any IT manager knows, its not easy to get the budget to replace existing IT investments. Magic Software had already provided a decades worth of stable and trusted technology for our internal back office system. Now with uniPaaS we have the scope to evolve this and take our existing application into the cloud without turning our IT investments upside down, continued Andrew Chapman, IT Manager, Adecco UK.

uniPaaS also enables easy remote deployment of new versions of MAX, and an almost real-time correction of potential input errors, assuring the data processing team of a powerful, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

Andrew Chapman understands the benefits of moving applications into the cloud, commenting: As we enter the new era of cloud based applications we have the scope to deploy our existing MAX system through the cloud to all our branches. Through the use of uniPaaS, we hope to further enhance our status as the worlds leading recruitment & HR organisation.

David Akka, Managing Director, UK, Eire & Nordic at Magic Software UK, commented on the implementation: We are proud to have served Adeccos business technology needs for the past 10 years. The fact that they have now adopted our latest uniPaaS application platform is an added endorsement of our technology. In addition to fast development time, Adecco now also has an agile development gateway that can provide growth into the cloud. In moving to cloud based deployment, companies have the potential to make vast cost savings on IT hardware, application upgrades and maintenance.


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