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VSG Verify, a new service now being offered by VSG, one the UKs most successful suppliers of security services, now makes it easy and inexpensive to carry out effective screening and vetting checks on existing and prospective employees, whatever their level or role in an organisation.
To underpin the service, VSG has made a large investment in the latest software and technology. These automate the routine parts of the screening and vetting processes, thereby ensuring thoroughness and consistency, as well as saving time and money.
VSG has appointed Nick Palmer to head up VSG Verify. Nick brings a wealth of relevant experience to his new role, his previous post having been with a major UK bank where he was responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of checks made on agency staff. Prior to that, he managed the vetting operations of candidates seeking work in the financial sector for the screening division of a nationwide employment agency.
Screening and vetting of employees is becoming increasingly important said Nick Palmer, since businesses not only face heavy fines if, for example, they employ staff who are not entitled to work in the UK, but also because an unverified employee at any level, from an office cleaner to a board member, pose significant commercial and financial risks to an organisation.
For these reasons and also because of the growing legislative requirements for authorities such as the FSA and BSIA, many companies now offer screening and vetting services. But VSG Verify is different from the others. It draws on VSGs vast experience in the security industry and of vetting its own staff. It also uses the latest technology and, perhaps most important of all, the VSG Verify service is tailored to meet the exact needs of every client.
All checks are performed according to the role of the candidate and the type of employer.  These could include packages made up from ID checks, CRB checks, employment and educational record confirmation, credit checks, address verification and many others.
At the same time, unnecessary checks are eliminated. VSG Verify has found, for example, that although the thorough vetting of office cleaning staff is essential, the emphasis is put on verifying identity, whereas seeking references and details of their work experience is costly, time consuming and ultimately unproductive in mitigating risks to the employer.
We are aiming with VSG Verify to set new standards for screening and vetting services, said Nick. And we are confident that we have put in place the right methodology, the right technology and the right team to do just that.


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