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Enabling patients and their families easy access

Enabling patients and their families easy access to much needed private nursing at home

- Award winning Team24 launches a new website to provide clients with information, advice and access to private nursing at home -

Leading provider of high quality healthcare staff, Team24 has launched This innovative website is designed to provide high-quality private nursing information, advice and services to patients, their families and healthcare providers across the UK.

As a central source of information, the new Click4privatenursing website details all the different private nursing services that Team24 can provide. This enables visitors to the site to quickly and efficiently establish their nursing requirements and find information on how Click4Privatenursing can help meet their domiciliary care and private nursing needs. By providing such vital support, information and care, Click4Privatenursing directly responds to a growing trend and preference to care for loved ones at home and is designed to ensure that such a choice is a positive one.

Robert Stiff, Managing Director of Team24, decided to develop Click4Privatenursing after his mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia. Following my mother-in-laws diagnosis my family and I were suddenly facing the stark reality of what it really means to become a carer. Without adequate support the dramatic impact of illness on patients and their home carers is isolating and desperately hard. We found it difficult to find qualified support, advice and care. Significantly, with a diagnosis of dementia, the patient's family is usually responsible for the majority of care. This realisation meant that I was determined that Team24 should create bespoke service to address this huge social issue. Click4Privatenursing will make it easy for families and healthcare providers to access private nursing services and understand how these nursing services can help them when they need it most.

Click4Privatenursing responds to the increased demand for private nursing care at home, in care homes or for those seeking to live as independently. Registered with CQC, Team24 has gained a robust reputation as a leading provider of high quality healthcare staff, and has developed solid relationships with major healthcare providers and the private sector since it was founded in 2005. This makes Team24 well placed to extend its service offering through the Click4Privatenursing website. Team24 is committed to providing high quality patient care and by making these services more accessible through Click4Privatenursing it is hoped that information, advice and personalised care can be made more readily available.

Responding to the increased demand for private nursing care at home, in a care home environment or for those seeking to live as independently as possible, Click4Privatenursing provides services including: Private home care, Respite care, Live-in care, Disability and Mental Health and Dementia care.


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