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Innovative international labour solution

Innovative international labour solution opens up Norwegian market
UK recruitment specialists Omega Resource Group further strengthens international presence with new Norwegian venture
 Omega Resource Group are set to make inroads into the lucrative Norwegian recruitment market, spearheaded by the creation of a new business in Norway that will allow the recruitment specialist to serve clients across Scandinavia and Europe.
Intending to tap into Norways huge demand for skilled engineers, Omega has set about mobilising its workforce to provide a unique, international resource solution tailored to meet the specific and challenging requirements of engineering corporations operating in Norway and Scandinavia.
Omegas EU Operations Director Nathan Pearce said: Our USP as an employment resource provider is the breadth of our solution and the extent to which our workforce becomes an integral part of the clients operations.
We can provide a high volume of highly-skilled engineers from our operation in Poland, he explained, engineers, liaison officers and project managers from the UK, and foremen and supervisors that are fluent in Polish, English and Norwegian to coordinate the teams and liaise with the clients senior team to ensure that they are kept abreast of all developments.
Pearce added: In this way, there is a transparency and communication between all parties workforce, management and client that rarely occurs when corporations source workers from outside the country of operation.
In order to mobilise its international workforce, Omega has established a comprehensive system of in-country testing, where potential clients of the Norway businesses are brought to the workforces country of origin to see the engineers working on specially designed test rigs, created to mirror exactly the environment and situations that will be faced on the job itself.
One client, for example, needed engineers to insulate cryogenic pipes on an oil rig, said Pearce, so at our test facility in Poland we built an exact replica of the environment to simulate both the equipment that would be used and the testing conditions that engineers would operate in.
For us, it is not sufficient to tell a potential client that our workforce is highly experienced, suitably trained, abreast with health and safety regulations, and so on we prove it to them first hand. When they sign a contract with us they know that the job will be done quickly, effectively and, above all, safely.
Of course, this process requires significant capital expenditure from Omega, he added, but it is a win-win situation in the long run clients trust and value our solutions because they have experienced it in person and know that the end result is going to be of the highest quality.
Headquartered in and originating from Gloucestershire, Omega has over the past ten years become a key player in the European recruitment market, providing workforces for sectors including engineering, manufacturing, food processing and the oil and gas industries.
In 2005, Omega established a Poland-based recruitment centre in Warsaw, along with the companys dedicated testing and training facility, located in the industrial Southern region of Poland. To ensure that all recruitment procedures are compliant with Polish and EU laws, Omega has worked in close partnership with the British Polish Chamber of Commerce for many years a partnership that is now being replicated in Norway.
Omega has also recently established an office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


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