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Odgers Berndtson CEO to advise

Odgers Berndtson CEO to advise the Ministry of Defence on Reservists
Richard Boggis-Rolfe has taken up the post of Chairman of the National Employer Advisory Board (NEAB). NEABs role is to give informed and independent advice to Ministry of Defence (MOD) on issues relating to the civilian employers of members of the Reserve Forces. The Board also advises the MODs campaign SaBRE, which aims to build the support from the employers of Reservists.
Speaking about his new role, Mr Boggis-Rolfe said, The Reserve Forces play a crucial role in the UKs defence capability and it is therefore vital that Reservists are able to balance their military and civilian commitments. Employers are a key part of the equation as without their support, it would be extremely difficult for Reservists to maintain their military career.
NEAB has an important part to play in ensuring that employers understand the importance of their support, the help and advice which is available to them and the benefits Reservists can bring to the civilian workplace. We also ensure the employers voice is heard within the MOD. Having spent time serving in the military and with years of experience in the business world, I am delighted to have the opportunity to take up this Chairman role.
Richard Boggis-Rolfe is CEO of Odgers Berndtson, the leading British executive search firm.  Based in London, Odgers Berndston has offices in Scotland, Wales, the English regions and internationally its clients include Government, local government, health and education as well as all the commercial sectors.
He was educated at Cambridge and the London Business School.  He served in the Army as a regular and a reservist.   
The Reserve Forces consist of the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Territorial Army and Royal Auxiliary Air Force. Members of the Reserve Forces are civilians who train for their military role in the evenings, at weekends and for a two-week period each year. Some 20,000 Reservists have served in Iraq or Afghanistan.
NEAB is a voluntary committee of up to 15 members who are selected to represent employers, large and small, public and private sector across the UK. It also includes representatives from employer-related bodies such as the CBI and TUC.
Mr Boggis-Rolfe replaces Lord Glenarthur who stood down from the post after seven years.


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