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Pre-emptive strike

Pre-emptive strike ahead of weeklong operations in the South West

Exploitative gangmasters linked to new revocation
The GLA have tightened their grip on gangmasters supplying this years flower picking season, by revoking a licence before the season began.

Whilst the last two years have seen serious cases of exploitation, the GLA together with many within the industry have got together to try and ensure that the problems are uncovered and dealt with early to avoid a repeat in 2010.

The proactive action taken by the industry in conjunction with the GLA led to the immediate revocation of Lincolnshire based Powerstaff Recruitment Limited, who were found to be employing Jonathan Beckson whose own licence was revoked in 2008 following serious exploitation and threats and Ms Magdalena Gojtowska a known associate of Mr Beckson who herself was found to be influencing a number of businesses who had their licences revoked in 2009.
Mr David Quinn of Powerstaff could not demonstrate an understanding of how to run the Spalding based gangmaster business and openly admitted he leant heavily on Mr Beckson. Whilst Mr Quinn was supposed to be in charge of the business, the GLA were convinced he was not and felt he was being used as a front to allow previously banned gangmasters back into the industry.

Mr Quinns business had been trying to source contracts to supply workers for the current flower picking season in Devon and Cornwall. Ms Gojtowska and Mr Beckson had previously supplied labour during the flower picking season.
The GLA is this week on operations in the South West. A further statement will be issued at the conclusion of operations.

Paul Whitehouse, Chairman of the GLA said
The actions of the flower industry and especially some of the big suppliers is a model that should be followed elsewhere. They have worked proactively with the GLA to ensure that the industry is no longer tarnished by exploitation of workers.
We have banned these people from supplying workers in GLA sectors for a good reason and we cannot allow them to find a back-door route to continue. They have a history of serious exploitation and it is our job to protect workers.
Mr Quinn has been declared as not fit and proper to hold a GLA licence, and banned from holding a licence for at least two years.

The decline in Dutch staffing market sales slowed to an 8 percent fall in the four weeks to Jan. 31, Dutch staffing association ABU said on Wednesday.
In the preceding four weeks sales fell 23 percent year-on-year, while a year ago sales fell 18 percent in the four-week period to Jan. 25.

The amount of hours worked fell 8 percent year-on-year in the latest period.
Dutch staffing firm Randstad, which competes in the Netherlands with Swiss group Adecco and local rivals USG People and Brunel, said last week its Dutch operations continued to contract but at a slower pace than last year.


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