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REC campaign calls for a new approach to public sector resourcing

REC campaign calls for a new approach to public sector resourcing

Ahead of forecast public expenditure cuts across all central and local government departments, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is launching a high-profile campaign to highlight the importance of effective resourcing within the public sector and to champion the contribution of professional recruiters.

The specific aims of the campaign are to influence politicians and other decision-makers and to demonstrate how recruiters bring added value to public sector employers. Following recent predictions that one in three public sector employers would be shedding staff this year, the REC has argued that knee-jerk reaction cuts to staffing budgets will impact on front-line services and that more fundamental reform and restructuring are required.

In addition to a wide-ranging lobbying campaign aimed at politicians and public sector employers, the campaign includes practical toolkits and workshops for recruiters currently working or wanting to work with the public sector.

Launching the RECs public sector resourcing campaign, Chief Executive Kevin Green said: With the squeeze on public expenditure already starting to bite, we need to do everything possible to promote the role that recruiters play in helping employers get the right people to deliver frontline services. Agency spend could be an easy target but the ability to bring in highly skilled interim, contract and temporary workers without the full cost of permanent employment is part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

The financial crisis has created the need for deep-rooted reform. Finding talent to lead this level of transformation is an area where executive recruiters can play a leading role. All providers to the public sector will come under pressure but the reality is that recruitment businesses are uniquely placed to deliver the talent, skills and capability that will be needed to transform public services. The campaign is all about taking this message forward as well as providing recruiters with practical tools to work effectively with the public sector and ensure they have the skills to win work in this most competitive arena.
Through a package of tools, guidance and events - including regional workshops and a major conference, the campaign will equip members to help them thrive in these more competitive and difficult times.

The campaign which starts on Wednesday (February 24) and is part of the REC Manifesto comprises:

A wide-ranging lobbying campaign aimed at influencing politicians and decision makers within public sector employers
A thought leadership publication (Hire Power) on the benefits of flexible resourcing in the public sector
Case studies on innovative solutions in workforce management
A public sector resourcing summit on June 8 which will involve public sector employers and recruitment businesses
A tender toolkit for recruiters on how to compete for business and build relationships in the public sector
Training workshops to underpin the tender toolkit.


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