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Recruiter encourages workplace diversity

Recruiter encourages workplace diversity and changing lives, Jamie Oliver style
Office Support recruiter Love & Tate has celebrated the success of its Pitman Training employment programmes and encouraged more employers to help transform lives, with a Pancake Breakfast courtesy of chefs from a similar scheme - Fifteen, founded by Jamie Oliver. 
Love & Tate and its Pitman Training Centre takes mainly young people, but also returners,  from the underprivileged area of Tower Hamlets in East London and puts them through training schemes funded by Skillsmatch to prepare them for the workplace. Not only does Love & Tate carry out skills training, its recruitment consultants and trainers provide mentoring, to move trainees from scared to prepared.  The consultants also work with employers to find trainees work placements and temporary or full-time employment without charging a fee and with over 80% now in employment it has changed hundreds of lives.
 Its really important to me that as many employers are involved with this as possible says John Reid, Project Manager of the funded training programmes, if you give someone an opportunity, you can change their life. Even if its only a six week placement it really does make a massive difference to the way their careers can move on and their lives can change. Tower Hamlets has a very diverse population and a diverse workforce opens your company up - it makes it more dynamic, much more interesting and you have a workforce who has different ideas, beliefs and attitudes. We need that.
Talking on the day was Joe Bassi, aged 21, whose training enabled him to secure a job with BP: After leaving school with hardly any grades I found it rather hard to find a job and was working for my Dadwhen I started the course I was very nervous and not very confident. When I started at BP I remember seeing a cleaner doing his rounds I thought only a few months ago I was in a newly built office cleaning it. Now Im in a beautiful office working in it.  Two years on, Joe is now working on multi-million dollar oil contracts: Ive actually become obsessed with crude oil! Since working at BP Ive met some great people, been able to afford a one bedroom flat and make my Mum proud which is priceless.
Maggie Love is Managing Director of Love & Tate the event was a great way to celebrate the achievements of the training, to thank employers already involved and to encourage more to take part.  We were able to hear some amazing success stories and what better way to celebrate than with pancakes on Pancake Day! Thanks to everyone that attended were looking forward to lots more success stories in 2010.


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