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Recruiters pre-empting risk of public sector cuts

Recruiters pre-empting risk of public sector cuts, says REC Academy for Business 
Recruiters are having to become more adaptable in the face of the changing economic landscape and the expected cuts in the public sector, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederations Academy for Business. This finding is based on recent requests from recruiters for business support and advice on diversifying their offering across different sectors and markets.
New forecasts this week show that up to 25,000 jobs across the public sector could be lost in the next three years. One of the aims of the REC's recently launched Public Sector Resourcing campaign is to limit the impact on recruiters but if is clear that public expenditure cuts will have a direct affect on those supplying into public sector employers. 
Commenting on the latest trends in terms of requests for practical support from recruiters, Sam Strange, Director of the Business Support Unit part of the RECs Academy for Business - says:
"Recruitment agencies - whether established businesses or new start ups - are increasingly looking at different options in terms of the sectors they operate in.  Whist there are still real opportunities for specialised niche providers there is also growing awareness of the need to spread risk across different markets.
 Whereas a year ago we saw many agencies looking to move into the public sector, we are now seeing a reverse trend. Recruiters with a public sector-focused portfolio are looking at other possible sectors to move into due to the inevitable squeeze on public expenditure. Recruiters are more aware than ever of the need to pre-empt external developments and to seize new opportunities in extremely uncertain and fast-changing times.


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