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UAE IT sector to grow

UAE IT sector to grow from USD 3.2 billion in 2009 to USD 4.7 billion in
2013, driving demand for IT expertise
Dulsco strengthens portfolio of customised HR and knowledge solutions catering
to IT sector
Dulsco has announced that it has witnessed a significant surge in demand
for IT professionals in the UAE, reflecting the excellent growth potential
of the IT sector, which according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and
Industry is expected to grow from USD 3.2 billion in 2009 to around USD
4.7 billion in 2013.
Dulsco believes that the UAE government's increased focus on attracting
global IT firms and its efforts to promote e-governance and provide online
services have been key factors in creating exciting employment opportunities
in the IT sector. Moreover, the UAE has also been investing in telecommunication
and IT infrastructure as well as human resource as part of a strategy to
develop the UAE into a premier regional hub for IT, which will help expand
the country's economic base by tapping into a potential market of nearly
two billion people in Asia and the Middle East.
Satnam Grover, Senior Manager, Contract Staffing, Dulsco HR Solutions,
said: "We believe that the growth of the IT sector in the UAE is dependent
on two things: infrastructure development and human resource development.
However, expenditure on IT infrastructure has always been one of the priorities
of the UAE Government and the private sector, so I believe it is time to
focus on recruiting world-class IT expertise."
"HR will certainly play an important role in the growth and development
of the IT industry, which will in turn boost recruitment activities in
the IT sector. Dulsco is committed to complement the ongoing trend in the
job market by developing customised HR outsourcing and recruitment solutions
that cater to the demands of the IT sector. we can provide organisations
with IT manpower and knowledge resources without requiring our clients
to take long-term staffing commitments, this gives us the competitive edge
in the market," Grover added.
Dulsco's HR Outsourcing division provides long-term, short-term and temporary
staffing options for any office environment, including IT professionals,
data entry operators, finance and administration, front and back-office
support, counter sales, call-centre agents,. Dulsco also offers payroll
management designed to provide Clients an option to outsource their HR
department as a process hence allowing them to concentrate on core business


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