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8 out of 10 IT jobseekers fail to find work

8 out of 10 IT jobseekers fail to find work through professional networking sites
Job boards and recruitment consultants are the go to channel for active jobseekers
New survey from The IT Job Board highlights latest recruitment trends -
In spite of their rising popularity, professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are not replacing traditional job hunting and recruitment methods, according to 540 job seeking IT professionals, surveyed by The IT Job Board,, in March.
Whilst IT professionals clearly use professional networking sites, their primary usage is to build up a portfolio of business contacts (53%), and to keep in touch with former colleagues and friends (33%), rather than to secure new jobs.
Half of all respondents said they have used LinkedIn to search for jobs and almost a third of IT professionals (32%) would like to be headhunted through such sites.  However, in spite of this, eight out of ten jobseekers have failed to secure new roles via professional networking sites. 
The favoured recruitment channels for IT professionals are job boards (42%) and recruitment consultants (30%). Just 8.5% of IT professionals view professional networking sites as the most valuable channel for job hunting, indicating that traditional core recruitment methods are still preferred.
According to the research, the main barriers to finding work through professional networking sites are:
Poor experience 42% dont know how to find employers
Confusion 20% dont know how to approach recruitment consultants
Privacy issues people dont want their employers to know they are looking for a new job (15%)
The sites are untargeted 11.5% claimed they are not specialist enough
Alex Farrell, managing director of The IT Job Board, said: Whilst there is a role for professional networking sites in the recruitment process, it is still evolving. There is still confusion around how to use professional networks effectively to find work. They are servicing the passive market, whilst active jobseekers are utilising both job boards and recruitment consultants.
 Making a success of professional networking is time intensive for both candidates and recruiters alike. These channels dont as yet provide targeted platforms. Todays recruiters would be better placed using pin-pointed CV databases, which provide a more targeted, effective and proactive way of finding candidates. I think its a case of watch this space, she added.


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