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AWR REC discusses implementation with EU Labour Law Unit

AWR REC discusses implementation with EU Labour Law Unit
The REC took part in a round-table session with the European Commissions Labour Law Unit to discuss national implementation of the EU Directive.
The meeting was an opportunity to exchange views with other national federations and to raise key issues for the UK recruitment industry.
The role of the Labour Law Unit is to monitor how national governments are implementing the regulations and to ensure that the underlying aims of the Directive are understood and adhered to.
One positive outcome was confirmation that equal treatment measures are not intended to cover situations where the worker is not under the control or supervision of the end user. It is on this basis that the RECs argument that legitimately self-employed workers and Limited Company Contractors should be excluded has been reflected in the final regulations.
Commenting on the outcome of the roundtable session, Tom Hadley, the RECs Director of External Relations,said: Discussions on the EU Directive have shifted to the national level but the umbilical chord to Brussels has not been cut. The European Commissions role is to monitor how national Governments are planning to implement the regulations in order to ensure that the aims of the Directive are met. It is crucial for the UK industry to maintain a strong presence in Brussels in order to promote the need for interpretations that take account of the different ways that the temporary work operates across the EU and in order to exchange views with other national Federations.
The event was hosted by Eurociett the representative body for the industry across Europe and involved national federations, leading multi-national agencies as well as senior Commission officials. The REC is a member of the Eurociett Board and has fed into the Eurociett AWD Implementation Monitor which tracks implementation challenges in different EU countries.
Other recent activities on the Agency Work Regulations (AWR) have included ongoing discussions with employers and regular dialogue with Government officials and members of the Conservative Shadow business. The aims will be to push the industrys agenda in the immediate aftermath of the general election.
The REC is also developing a suite of practical support tools and events to help recruiters prepare for the necessary changes and work with their clients


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