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Hung parliament to stifle green shoots

Hung parliament to stifle green shoots in construction and manufacturing warns business leader
Temporary agency labour usage in the construction sector has seen a 101%* increase since January 2010, indicating the industry is seeing a rapid recovery from the economic downturn.
The manufacturing industry has also witnessed an increase of 22%* in temporary agency labour use since January 2010.
*(source de Poel)
There are significant concerns emerging amongst the business community that economic recovery could be reversed if there were to be a hung parliament next month.
Matthew Sanders, C.E.O of de Poel, said A political stalemate resulting from a hung parliament, will have a far more damaging effect than witnessed following the 1974 election. With an uncertain future, a sharp fall in the pound, coupled with a mis-mash of policies and legislation uncertainty is extremely likely. This will hinder the industries at the coal face who will feel the brunt of a political deadlock. A thriving economy needs, confidence, leadership and hope
As we witness the first signs of an upturn, temporary agency recruitment has become even more appealing, allowing businesses to respond to market growth without having to invest in permanent staff while the market remains unstable.
As the number one purchaser of temporary agency labour in the UK, de Poel analyse demand and usage of temporary agency workers regularly. The biggest increases in temporary agency usage have been seen in the construction sector, totalling 101% since the beginning of the year.


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