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JobMate provides affordable multi posting technology

JobMate provides affordable multi posting technology to all Recruiters
The award winning multi posting and applicant tracking technology provider JobMate is making its technology affordable to all recruiters.
JobMate report that multi posting and applicant tracking technology which was originally designed to save recruiters time and money has, in a high number of cases, become totally cost prohibitive for a large number of UK recruiters.
Over the years, many of JobMates competitors have simply added various bells and whistles that many recruiters hardly use, to their core products and used these as a way to push up prices. In various cases some now charge fees so high that recruiters simply refuse to take up the technology or look for alternatives that deliver a stronger ROI. JobMate believe that its now time to redress the balance.
JobMate provide technology that is cutting edge and possibly the best in the market. They provide all the multi posting, applicant tracking and reporting functionality that Recruiters will ever need and all of this is coupled with outstanding ongoing customer support. It is delivered to recruiters at the breathtakingly low price of 365 a year. 
Commenting on the low cost package available, Richard Clarke Director of Red Advertising who own the JobMate business said, Where else could you find technology this good, from an established provider, backed by fantastic service, all for a pound a day?. What we are offering here means that all UK recruiters can finally access technology that will save them possibly thousands of pounds a year for effectively a token fee.  Furthermore, we are so confident with our offering that we have removed all barriers to entry.
Recruiters can have a completely free trial to run JobMate through the paces, fully road testing the technology without any further obligations.
JobMate calculate that there are in the region of about 14,000 recruitment providers in the UK of which a very high percentage of these are small to medium enterprises with less than 10 consultants.  This low cost offering means that great technology is no longer a privilege for the large cap recruiters. It is now accessible to all.
To date, JobMate have processed in excess of 25 million job applications for UK Recruiters and expect that this will increase significantly as more and more recruiters have access to this cost effective technology.


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