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Julia from the Prankard family on Channel 4s

Julia from the Prankard family on Channel 4s How the Other Half Live Speaks Out
CEO and Entrepreneur Says Business Leaders Should Stand up and be Counted
Julia Meighan (family name Prankard), entrepreneur and CEO of VMA Group, agreed to take part in Channel 4s How the Other Half Live on Thursday, 15 April as a result of her successful career in recruitment and interim management. Julia, along with her family, saw it as a real opportunity to help a single mum in re-launching her business aspirations by providing both financial and emotional support.
From her experience with the programme, Julia feels strongly that businesses and individuals should be doing more to help mentor adults and young people who are not succeeding in the job market. Everyone has something to give and there is always a way to help, says Julia. There are over 4 million children living below the poverty line in the UK and in a practical sense these childrens lives can be improved by helping their parents find work.
As a result of her experiences working with single mum Zofia, Julia feels that businesses and individuals need to be stepping up to the mark and helping to guide those who need assistance. Government should have a concerted programme to support and incentivise businesses that provide mentoring.
Julia stated, Getting 4 million children out of poverty is more than just a government issue and business must be part of this solution. We need to do something positive now. If each successful person in business sponsored just one individual in the poverty trap to either help them get a job or help start their own business, what a massive impact that would have not only on those people on the poverty line today, but for generations to come.
Working closely with Zofia (who had previously started her own catering business), Julia was able to mentor her back into self employment and their families have developed a lasting bond. Zofias new business is now online at


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