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Labour To Extend Gangmasters Powers?

In its manifesto published yesterday, Labour has presumably promised to extend the sectors currently covered by the Gangmasters Licencing Authority under the heading - Fairness at work the text reads:
We will strive to ensure fairness at work for all employees, continuing our crackdown on exploitative gang-masters and rogue employers. In all sectors the law must be upheld, properly enforcing safety and employment rights, and tackling tax avoidance. We will extend the licensing approach to labour providers in the construction industry if the evidence shows that is the best way to enforce employment rights. We have strengthened HMRCs enforcement of the minimum wage. In future it will cooperate more closely with local authorities to enforce minimum wage legislation. We are enacting the Agency Workers Directive to offer additional protection to agency workers in relation to pay and conditions.
You can download the full manifesto at


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