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Major Players Survey Reveals Reasons For Change

Major Players recruitment agency recently conducted a survey with all registered candidates to reveal some of the reasons for their current job search or career change.  From a sample of some 400 applicants, the results were not entirely expected, with a large proportion indicating that their position had not been changed by the adverse economic conditions, and that, in some cases, it had improved.
The survey results suggest that, for the most part, employees in the marketing and creative industries are weathering the downturn well, and remain content with their situation, and optimistic about the future.
- 44% felt that their career and lifestyle had remained unaffected by the changing economic climate, although 26% of the survey participants said the downturn had resulted in their redundancy
- 41% are unclear how long it will be before they feel secure again, although 28% report that they already feel secure
- In terms of career progression and job satisfaction, the majority of respondents are contented with their current situation.  Just 14% would like to receive more training, while 11% think they work too many hours a week, with 49% perfectly happy with the amount of time in their working week
- Perhaps more surprisingly, 75% think stimulating work and having a good atmosphere in the office is more important than getting paid a high salary (44%)
- 21% said they were concerned about current company future
- 33% are looking for a promotion  or pay increase
- 57% think it's simply a good time to try a new direction
- Following staff cutbacks in 2009 and consolidation of job roles across the industry, it's unexpected to see that only 6% feel they have too many responsibilities, and that 60% don't feel overworked at all.
- Equally remarkable is that the majority of respondents (30%) feel that they are fairly remunerated for the job they do, with scarcely 20% feeling strongly that they are undervalued in terms of salary.
 - When it comes to holiday allowance, a meagre 10% believe they don't get enough time off, while 53% believe they receive enough vacation time.


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